When making props you want to keep all file sizes as low as possible, you can achieve this by keeping the verts of the prop as low as possible.

Here are some goals or examples for references for the file sizes of OBJs:

Chairs: <1 mb

DJ Table: <1 mb

Doors: 50 – 200 kb

If you are using a 3D modelling program to create your props you should be importing these props into unity before trying to upload them into Oasis. These programs are known not to have the same unit scaling as unity.


Textures can get heavy with the file sizes, having multiple textures on a prop will make the total size large. This is the reason why we recommend using PNG's over JPEG's since the file sizes are a lot smaller.

If you are looking to create a high-quality prop we recommend that you have the following 3 textures for your prop:

Albedo Transparency