The Design Workshop allows content creators to upload their own meshes and textures, either for personal use or to share with other members. It combines the functionality of the previously available Clothing Creator and Object Designer into one set of tools. 

Created meshes can be textured by the mesh creator or, if the creator chooses to share their mesh, by other members.

Please note that at the moment clothing meshes are disabled due to a problem on Unity’s side. We are waiting for the issue to be resolved and will enable clothing mesh uploads as soon as we can.

To access the Design Workshop, click the ‘Workshop’ button in the bubble menu. It looks like a wrench crossed over a pencil. From there, you can upload meshes and textures in the Mesh Templates tab, or edit products in your inventory using the My Products tab.

Adding Meshes

If you are uploading a mesh with materials attached read this. If you're just uploading the mesh, skip to Uploading a Mesh.

You must have a folder set up correctly beforehand! The important things:

  • Have the OBJ and the MTL files in the same folder
  • The name of the OBJ and the materials must be the same
  • Keep the materials in a folder called “Materials”

Here is an example of an appropriate folder:

Uploading a Mesh

Once you have your folder set up you can then move forward with uploading your mesh:

  1. In the Design Workshop, click the Mesh Templates tab
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Select the category your mesh will fit best in
  4. Click Browse, and upload your mesh
  5. In the Metadata section, you can 
    • give your mesh a title and description
    • upload a UV Map. The UV Map is very important if you will be allowing others to add textures to this mesh. Without it, people won’t know how to lay out their textures to cover the mesh properly
    • Select whether to keep your mesh private (only you can use it) or make it public (other content creators can add textures to it)
    • Request approval (if you decide to share the mesh)
  6. Save your mesh! 
    • If you’re not sharing the mesh, you can go ahead and add a texture right away, if you’d like. 
    • If you’re sharing the mesh, you’ll have to wait until it’s been approved.

Adding Textures & Editing Mesh Metadata

To create a new product:

  1. In the Mesh Templates tab, browse through the categories to find the mesh you’d like to work with
  2. Click Select to create a new product. You can now add or edit textures and metadata

To edit an existing product:

  1. In the My Products tab, browse through the categories to find the mesh you’d like to work with
  2. Click the Edit button to edit your product. You can now add or edit textures and metadata

For either:

  1. In the Metadata tab you can
  2. Request approval (once you’d made your changes)
  3. Edit the title and description
  4. Update sharing settings
  5. Change the thumbnail. Use the Stage tab on the right to take a thumbnail image. You can even add a background if you’d like.
  6. In the Hierarchy tab, select from the list to edit textures. You can change existing colours and/or upload your own textures
  7. Click create to save your newly textured prop
  8. If you’re sharing your prop, don’t forget to check the box to request approval


Props must be approved before they can be added to the marketplace. This ensures that no broken props are shared.

At the moment, all approvals are done by Oasis staff. Eventually, the approval system may be opened up to trusted content creators. 

Approvers will be checking to make sure 

  • the mesh and materials are of acceptable quality and don’t violate any rules
  • a UV map is included
  • everything is named and described appropriately

Please allow a few workdays for your uploads to be approved.


Can I add scripts to my prop?

Currently you are not able to add any scripts to your prop in the Workshop. This could change in the future. For now you are able to add addons to the prop after they have been placed in a scene.

The Workshop isn't updating properly what do I do?

You can try to refresh the current page you are on by clicking on the 2 circular arrows in the top left.