Bug fixes:

⦁    Camera will not get inside the avatar’s head any longer

⦁    Settings menu will now be available on login screen

⦁    Fixed the Snapshot icon, now it remains blue after pressing

⦁    Fixed an issue where the character would be floating in scene edit 

⦁    Fixed the bartender addon

⦁    Fixed an issue where personas with high heels would sink into the floor in world and in the character select screen


⦁    Certain places will now not allow jumping

⦁    Fly cam now will be automatically enabled in scene edit

⦁    Scene Edit now has ability to rotate an object on a fixed angle

  • To use this select a prop in scene edit, use the rotation tool and hold Shift or Alt or Ctrl + Scrolling with the mouse wheel to rotate the object

New functionality:

⦁    Scene Editor water add-on now has many new parameters

⦁    New Scene Editor add-ons for enabling / disabling jump, sprint and fly cam; and for working with shadows

⦁    Settings now have an option for Screen Space Reflections 


If you currently have the water addon in your zaby this patch will be affecting the properties of the addon and will need to be edited. We apologize for the inconvenience.