This patch introduces functionality that will form a new game model of Oasis, so it will be a bit … chunky :D

The aim here is to enable our community to more freely create, build and share things.

Clothing, apartments and objects will now be purchasable in game currency, which you can get by… playing the game!

At the same time, we temporarily will be dropping the monthly subscription fee. A single payment of $20 will unlock all VIP features!

Plus, we added some stuff to support this new model. Visit our blog for more details ….  and we hope you like these changes and have fun playing!

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to email us at

Here is what’s in the patch:


  • A single $19.99 payment will unlock VIP features
  • Creating 4 characters per account
  • Saving outfits
  • Having multiple apartments (up to 10)
  • Larger inventory and ability to unlock more
  • Having access to a tool for customizing your avatar’s face and body
  • Unlocking adult experiences
  • Getting access to additional decorating add-ons
  • Sending private messages
  • Teleporting to friends
  • Accessing VIP-only areas & events
  • Once upgraded, you will remain VIP and will keep all VIP perks


  • We removed the concept of Scene Inventory, so now you can decorate directly out of your personal inventory.
  • Clothing Customize inventory will display a filtered view of your personal inventory with only clothing items in it, to make dressing your character easier
  • Everybody starts with a personal inventory size of 20 slots
  • Basic members can unlock an additional 20 inventory slots for 1 Booty
  • Becoming VIP gives you an additional 60 inventory slots and unlocks an option to buy more space with Booty (up to 180 slots)
  • We added an Account-wide vault to transfer objects between your characters. It can be accessed through Vault Keeper NPCs in world
  • Both Basic and VIP members start with 20 slots in their vault
  • Both Basic and VIP members can unlock a 20-slot vault by paying 1 booty
  • VIPs can unlock additional 20-slot vault bags at 10 booty each (up to 180 slots)
  • We added the concept of an Overflow: if you get more items than there is space for in your inventory, they go into an Overflow bag, which can be found at the left bottom corner of the Backpack window.
  • Items can be moved from there to a personal inventory, if there is space, but not the other way around.
  • Unwanted items can be destroyed from inventory or overflow by dragging them on top of a garbage can in the right top corner of the Backpack window.
  • Multiple copies of the same item in the inventory sometimes can be stacked (depending if the item is stackable)
  • A stack can be broken by pressing SHIFT + Right Click and entering an amount you want to break off


  • Everybody gets Booty for online time! This feature works per account. Any of your characters can be online to contribute to online time, but only one character can claim.
  • When accumulated, Booty can be claimed by pressing a button in the top right corner.
  • Booty can also be collected around the world and received by completing quests


  • Creators can list things in the mall to share them with others
  • All things in the mall will cost the same amount of 10 Booty, making it easier to focus on enjoying creations and less on having to get rich to afford the things you enjoy!
  • Since everyone has an equal chance to both get and spend Booty, the 10 Rays mall price will be paid back into the system. Our hope is to take the focus off getting more and more currency, and steer more towards open collaboration and community. We’ll work on adding incentives for creators a little later.

Other stuff

  • Chat background can be set to “dark’ now
  • Fly Cam now will be disabled in non-deco mode by default
  • VIP members can now customize body at all times
  • Trade window now operates in Booty
  • Clothing and Object workshops operate in Booty now
  • Added ‘Popular Places’ window listing the most populated locations
  • Re-worked Property Management window to let people list their rooms in the Popular Places window
  • Re-worked the main menu a bit to add Mall and Popular Places buttons
  • Properties are set 'private' by default - changing it to 'public' will allow it to show in the Popular Places window
  • Updated skin shaders for characters
  • Added new quests and new NPCs
  • Added new scenes for building!

Current known issues

  • Travelling between scenes will show an error in chat
  • Unable to preview props in the object store
  • Chat room button (top left of the chat box) doesn’t show the chat rooms
  • Adding an emote/dance to the action bar will cause you not to be able to remove that action item until you refresh the scene
  • Certain animations cause problems for the male character’s topology

As always, if you find any problems / bugs, please report them at with the Help Topic “QA” or in-world through the main menu option Support>Feedback > Bug Report.