If you are a member of Red Light Center 2 you can open an Oasis account using your RLC2 credentials to receive a welcome package, and transfer Rays into Oasis.

Creating an Account

To create your Oasis account, log in using your RLC2 email and password combination using any of the following methods:

  • Click the Login button on the Oasis homepage
  • In your existing Curio browser, type in vww://oasis.game in the address bar to navigate to the Oasis login screen
  • Download, install and launch Oasis to access the login screen

Please note that while you will be able to log in using the same credentials as RLC2, your RLC2 account is not linked to Oasis. RLC2 and Oasis are two different 'service providers' on the same network. Your login information is the same throughout the network, but your inventory, virtual currency balances*, settings and personalization are unique to each service provider and cannot be transferred between them.

Claiming Your Welcome Package

To claim your welcome package, log in to your account page and click the Claim button in the RLC Member Perks box. You can now claim items from your list of Loot! Please note clothing is gender specific, so make sure you're claiming clothes that make sense for your avatar.

Transferring Rays

For a limited time, RLC2 members can request a transfer of your Rays balance from RLC2 to Oasis from your account page. This feature will only be available until the RLC2 servers are taken offline.

To transfer Rays from RLC2 to Oasis log in to your account page and find the RLC Rays transfer box (under the Virtual Currency heading)

  1. Enter the amount of Rays you'd like to transfer to Oasis
  2. Click Transfer to complete the transaction.