A Small Patch Update Today!

  • Strangely, using bar stools was causing crashes, it now works as intended. No more crashing before you sit yourself down for a nice chat with Logan in the Welcome Tower!

  • For those who have applied for the Clothing Design Tools: Clothing Designer (and possibly other places) the names of properties you can edit should be updated. Fancy!

  • For the future use of Deco Tools: We’ve added some updates to our tools that had previously made some objects not being selectable in SceneEdit.

  • Here’s a weird one: Before you could sometimes click on a Light or Audio node in SceneEdit while the icon was invisible, resulting in it intercepting the click. This has been fixed so if the icon is turned off you won’t be able to click on it. No more mysterious touching!

  • The glow around object when you mouse over them should be diminished if there’s something (like you) between the object and the camera. 

  • The squirrel terrorizing the neighborhood cats in Downtown Oasis has been caught and released humanely back into the wild.

Of course, there are always additional fixes going on behind-the-scenes, but we’ve got some great additions coming your way in the near-future!

Stay Tuned!

If you have questions, please send them to:


  • The Oasis Team