Some of the great things that the recent patches have brought to the community include: 

  • Rays / booty / my account have been fixed so they properly display

  • Inventory has been adjusted -- with more to come in the near-future

  • Optimization tweaks to ensure better performance on older machines as well as Macs

  • Fix for that ‘thing where the ocean is full of oil for 5 seconds’ until Captain Planet arrives and cleans it up [he’s a hero]

  • Fixes for a handful of quest-related issues

    • All the dialogs were broken.... I fixed the dialog script

  • A bunch of server-stability fixes for better player experience

    • The main one you might care about: The server was rebooting every so often (rarely but sometimes a couple times a day), this has been fixed". Also, we’ve made figurative zillions of improvements to the engagement scripts

    • Sex is being properly refined and will be available soon

  • Fixed "Invite to join" extra menu item occasionally showing up in Oasis [ghost UI, ooooOoooo -- has been exorcised!]

  • Some improvements to navigate when you're already navigating (switch persona when you're already switching persona)

  • Chats now properly reset after you switch from one persona to another. 

  • Ignored Personas cannot invite you for social actions (hugging, kissing) or sex any longer, which was a bug we had seen in some cases earlier on

  • Fixed the issue where the clothing / prop store would show the oldest first even though the newest was selected

These are some of the more noticeable changes, of course, there have been numerous tweaks to make Oasis more enjoyable on the backend!

We look forward to providing you with more patch notes as we move forward!