If there is a bug or issue that's keeping you from maintaining your membership level, please contact support to see if we can resolve it for you!

To Downgrade/Cancel your VIP Membership:

  1. Click the cancel your membership link here or from your Account Management page
  2. Click Yes I'm Sure
  3. That's it! Your subscription renewal has been cancelled and your account will be downgraded once your current subscription expires

Things to Know:

  • Once you cancel your subscription you will remain VIP until your currently active subscription runs out. Once it runs out you will be downgraded and your subscription will not renew. To check your renewal date, look under the Subscription Status heading on your Account Management page.
  • Basic (non VIP) accounts are only allowed one persona. If you have more than one persona, only your default (first created) persona will be available to use. Your other personas will be made unavailable until you upgrade your account again.