Picture this: You're out for a stroll downtown and some KendrickT shouts "Nice ears, goat man!". 

"I got them from my mama." you say, "How dare you insult my mama!" 

Nobody trash talks mama's ears and gets away with it. There's only one thing left to do. It's time for a dance off!

Right Here in the Street

You don't have to make your way to a dancefloor to show KendrickT who's boss! Get that dance off started RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Use slash commands in chat to bust moves as fast as your fingers can type

  • /armloop   Arm Loop
  • /digdeep  Dig Deep
  • /gatherpushout  Gather Push Out
  • /guitarjam  Guitar Jam
  • /hippysweat  Hippy Sweat
  • /jivesnaps  Jive Snaps
  • /justrelax  Just Relax
  • /ohnoshopfinger  Oh No Shop Finger
  • /pointvector  Point Vector
  • /pointyhearts  Pointy Hearts
  • /presents  Presents
  • /razzmatazz  RazzMaTazz
  • /snappyloop  Snappy Loop
  • /swayloop  Sway Loop
  • /swaying  Swaying
  • /titegroove Tite Groove
  • /uhhuhheadshake  Uh Huh Head Shake
  • /twerking  Twerking (coming soon)

 You can also quickly access your favourite moves by adding them to your Ability Bar

On the Dance Floor

Just walk onto a dance floor and you'll start swingin' them hips. To access more moves:

  1. Click the Ability Book button in the bottom-right of your Action Bar
  2. Click Dances to expand the category
  3. Click any dance move you like to bust it out

You can drag dance moves to empty action bar slots to make them easily accessible no matter where you are.

Now go restore your mama's honour and show KendrickT what you're made of!