You may see personas with different coloured names above their head, or a badge (word or symbol) above or below their name. 

Name Colours

Name colours indicate membership or staff status.

Green indicates the persona has a basic, free membership

Mac 'n' Cheese indicates the persona has a VIP membership

Blue indicates the persona is a staff member

Pale aqua indicates an NPC


Badges may indicate a role or achievement and are located directly beneath a member's name.

If you have a badge, you can apply it from the Customize Menu. Select your badge from the drop-down menu above the preview area. Don't forget to save!

  • Staff have Blue badges so you can easily identify them and hide the contraband
  • Volunteers have Mac 'n' Cheese badges. Stealthy.

  • NPCs may have aqua badges to indicate their job or function.

  • Members enrolled in special programs may have a special badge to let you know how cool they are.
  • You may see people with badges they earned from a quest or won in a contest - don't forget to praise their glory!