Quests are a great way to get new goodies for your personas, learn about features, places, and events, and find new areas and activities in Oasis.

New quests can be found by locating yellow exclamation marks in Oasis. Quests may be given by an NPC or an object. Click the Quest-Giver to open the quest details and accept the quest

The icon over a quest-giver will change from an exclaimation mark to a question mark once the quest is active

Active quests will be shown in your tracker in the top-right of your Oasis window. 

Click a quest (or press the H key*) to open your Quest log. Your quest log is where you can see more details about quests, add or remove them from your tracker, or abandon them

Make sure you read the quest details and any dialogue so you don't miss any important details about your quest goals! Quest goals can be reached by doing a specified action, talking to someone, or going to a specified place. Once all your quest goals are met, you can go back to the Quest-Giver (or wherever the quest says to go) to collect your reward. Rewards may include: achievements, Booty, clothing, objects, or badges

Press the Y key* to view your achievements. Achievements can be earned by completing quests, visiting places, performing actions, and more!

*You can change the default keybindings from your preferences menu