Picture this: You've entered the annual Booty Pageant. This is your once-in-a-yeartime chance to become Booty Baron (or Baronass). First prize is the coveted Golden Thong. You've poured your heart, soul and butt into every catwalk, twerking contest, and lube wrestling match. The time comes for the crown to be awarded, and you're beat by MrUnicorn. Gone are you dreams of having the shiniest, gold-iest butt in Oasis, and now you're stuck with the runner up prize: Horrible Rainbow Granny Panties.

Fear not! MrUnicorn is coveting your high-waisted chromatic abominations just as much as you desire her glorious Golden Thong! Why don't you trade?

Your Inventory

You have two types of inventory: Personal Inventory and Local Inventory. Both types of inventory have limits on how many items they can contain, so be careful about what you buy and collect! VIP members have an increased inventory size, and will be able to purchase more inventory slots or storage in the future.

Personal Inventory contains the items you can carry with you everywhere you go, such as clothing, accessories, and props that are not bound to a particular room or world. 

  • You can access your Personal Inventory by pressing "I". You can change this keybinding any time through your preferences menu.

Local Inventory: contains props that cannot leave the room you're in. 

  • You can access your Local Inventory by pressing the ALT key and "I" at the same time. You can change this keybinding any time through your preferences menu.



There are two ways to open a trade with someone: 

  • Right-Click their persona and select Open Trade or
  • Open your inventory and drag an item to their persona

You should now see a Private Trade window.

You can add items to the trade by dragging them from your inventory to an empty trade slot on the left side of the trade window.

You can see what items the other person is offering you under their name on the right side of the trade window. If you don't think the trade is fair, feel free to chat with the other person in a private chat to work out the details.

To accept the trade, click Trade

To cancel the trade, click Cancel

Now that you know how to trade, you can finally have the thong you've always dreamed of, and MrUnicorn can prance around in the comfiest rainbow panties that exist!