You can change various settings through the Curio preferences menu. To open the menu click the icon that looks like three dots in the upper-right of the Curio browser window, then select Preferences. Click the different tabs to access different settings types.



The language setting decides what language your Curio browser text will be in. It does not translate chat or in-game UI. Curio currently offers English, German and Russian language options. 


Auto navigate after login: Toggling this on will bypass the persona selection screen when you log in. You can still access this screen anytime by clicking the Account button then selecting Switch Persona.

Remember the last location after restart: Check this box if you want to start at the location you logged out from every time you log in, instead of the same landing region every time.


Select which notifications you want to receive while you're logged in

Input Settings

Adjust your mouse sensitivity here

Camera Settings

Max Distance: Adjust the maximum distance you can clearly see. If you'd like to adjust how 'wide' your eyes can see around you, toggle the Field of View setting under the Graphics tab.

Zoom Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of the zoom function (scroll button on your mouse)

Rotation Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of the rotation function

Cache Settings

Set your cache path (where your cached files are saved) or reset it to the default

Restore Default Settings

Clicking this will reset all your settings to the Curio defaults. This cannot be undone, so don't click it by accident or you'll have to reconfigure all your preferences again.


Graphics Quality

Selecting a lower graphics quality won't look as good but will allow the game to run better on an older or slower machine. If you have a beefy muscle rig, feel free to ramp it up to Ultra.

Toggling the Frosted User Interface may help members with older graphics card enjoy the game with fewer frame rate problems.

Maximum Frames Per Second (FPS)

Use these settings to control the in-game FPS. This can be useful for reducing lag.

Field of View

Adjust how 'wide' you can see around your avatar. If you'd like to adjust the distance you can see, adjust the Max Distance setting under the General tab.

Camera Effects

Toggle various camera effects on and off here. Keep in mind some effects may be resource heavy and cause lag or freezing.


Master Volume

This is the general volume control for all sound in the game

Audio Channels

Each slider in this section controls a different set of sounds. Do you shriek in surprise every time an NPC starts talking? Slide Dialogue way down. Do you love the aural reassurance that you are, in fact, clicking all the things? Set that UI slider to max!


Voice Chat (Vivox)

You can toggle voice chat on and off here. 

Input Device

Select the microphone you'd like to use for voice chat and adjust your mic volume.

Output Device

Select which speakers to use for playback and how loud you want playback to be


Do you wish you could press M to jump? I won't pretend to understand why you'd want to do that, but you can! Click the keybinding next to an action then press they key you'd like to use for that action to set it.

You can reset keybindings to their defaults any time using the Reset Bindings button at the bottom of the tab.