You can access all sorts of actions and abilities through your Action Bar & Ability Book. Your Action Bar is displayed at the bottom right of the Curio window. You can open your Ability Book by clicking the ability icon attached to your Action Bar.

Using Abilities/Actions

  1. Click the Ability Book icon (beside the lock icon) in your action bar
  2. Click a category to expand it. You can click the category heading again to minimize it.
  3. Click an action to use it!

Ending Actions

Some actions stop on their own once they're complete. Others will keep going until you stop them. You can stop an action by clicking the Stop Engagement button.

Is there really such a thing as too much hugging? 

Adding Abilities to the Action Bar

If you want quick access to your favourite actions you can add them to your action bar! To do so:

  1. Click the Ability Book button to open your list of actions
  2. Click a category to expand it. You can click the category heading again to minimise it.
  3. Position your mouse cursor on the icon for an ability you'd like to add to your Action Bar
  4. Hold down the left mouse button to grip the icon then drag it down to an empty slot on your Action Bar
  5. Release the action icon and it will be added to your empty action slot

You can use the arrow buttons to view more action slots! This is a great way to help sort your actions into categories (like dancing or sexytimes) and allows you to quickly access many favourite actions without having to go through your Ability Book.

Positioning the Action Bar

You can move the Action Bar anywhere you like on the screen

  1. Click the locked lock icon in the bottom right of the Action Bar so it changes to an unlocked lock
  2. Position your mouse cursor over the toolbar and hold down the left mouse button to grip it
  3. Drag the toolbar wherever you would like it and release the mouse button
  4. Once your toolbar is where you'd like it, click the unlocked lock icon to change it to a locked lock to lock your bar in place

lock lock lock

You can rotate the bar to a vertical orientation using the rotate button while it's unlocked

You can switch the position of the buttons and title from footer to header (or right to left if you're using a vertical bar) using the swap button while it's unlocked