You can upgrade your account to a VIP membership any time to unlock a bunch of fun features, discounts, and settings! Click the Upgrade Now! button on your account page to get started.

VIP features include:

More characters: You can create up to 4 characters on your account. Non-VIP members can only create 1 character.

Expanded inventory: Collect all the things! Your inventory will hold MORE STUFF!

Outfit saving: Save outfits so you can quickly change looks for any occasion

Adult experiences: Access adult-only areas and interactions. See nudity, get naked, and unlock intimate interactions.

Private Chat: Send private messages. Keep your secrets secret

Friendship wizardry: Teleport directly to friends

Restricted areas: Visit VIP-only areas and events throughout Oasis

More apartments: Now you can own two, three, even more properties

Bonus decorating add-ons: Access additional world-building and decorating tools such as:

  • Create dance floors
  • Create sex bots (male / female)
  • Add sex scripts to applicable objects
  • Create teleports
  • Add bartenders
  • Adjust camera
  • Create start points
  • Add weather
  • Camera Effect: Depth of Field
  • Camera Effect: Tone Mapping
  • Effect: Falling Leaves
  • Effect: Rain
  • Effect: Snow

Creation tools (coming soon!): Explore your creative potential and share your creations with the community

VIP-Only features and areas are sometimes marked with an Oasis VIP Diamond to indicate that only upgraded members may use them.