Are you having a bad hair day? Clothes SOOO last season? Itching for some new kicks? Let's go shopping!

Opening the Mall

  1. Open your Character Customization menu by clicking the Sliders icon or pressing the C key
  2. Click the shopping cart icon in any of your inventory panels to open the mall

Searching for Items

  • Search by section from the menu on the left, or 
  • Enter a search term in the search bar above then press Enter (Like 'GOLD' because who doesn't love a little bling?)

Previewing Items

  1. Select an item by clicking on it
  2. Then press the magnifying glass icon to open a preview and take a closer look

Buying Items

  • To add an item to your Shopping Cart 
    1. Select the item then click the shopping cart icon. This will open your Shopping Cart
    2. You can keep adding items to your cart or remove unwanted items while you keep browsing
    3. To purchase everything in your cart, click the price at the bottom of the cart then click 'Buy Now'
  • To buy an item right now click the price, then click 'Buy Now'

VIP members have a larger inventory capacity, so they can hold more stuff!