Open the avatar customization menu by clicking the Customize button from your menu bubble or pressing the C key. Play with the various options to create the perfect look. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Preview Panel

The Preview Panel is where you can see what your changes will look like before you save. Think of it as trying things on before you commit to them!

  • Hold the left mouse button and drag left and right to turn your avatar
  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out

Selecting Hair Styles, Clothing & Accessories

Click the Clothing tab to open your inventory, where you can try on and wear items you already own.

  1. Select the type of inventory you'd like to change (hair, shoes, tops, etc.)
  2. Click an inventory item to try it on
  3. Once you're happy with your outfit, click 'OK' to save your changes and exit the Character Customization menu

You can buy more items by clicking the Shopping Cart icon in any of the clothing and accessories tabs.

Saving Outfits - VIP ONLY!

VIP members can save their favourite clothing combinations into outfits to quickly apply them again later! This tool only saves your outfit, not your body shape or skin/eye color.

  1. Click the Outfits tab to open the outfit creation menu
  2. Under the New Outfit heading, enter the name you'd like to give this outfit
  3. Click 'Create'

To apply a saved outfit simply navigate to the Outfits tab, click the outfit name, and press 'OK.'

Changing Hair Colour

You can update your do anytime with some fresh hues. No expensive trips to the salon or messy dyes all over your bathroom!

  1. Equip the hair style you'd like to wear
  2. Click the colour picker
  3. Choose what colour you'd like your hair
  4. Save your changes and voila! A new you!

Customizing Body and Face

You can only adjust your persona's body shape and facial features when you create them. You cannot change your persona's body or face after creating them unless you upgrade to VIP, so make sure they're exactly the way you want them to be

Visit the Persona Creation article for more details

Displaying a Badge

You can select a badge from the drop-down menu above the preview area. If you don't have any badges, you can get one by upgrading to VIP, or from various quests, contests and events.