Visit Oasis Properties

You can discover different areas of Oasis by exploring, and attending special events!

If you like an area, don't forget to bookmark it so you can easily visit it again.


Visit Your Own Property

From Property Manager

  1. Open your Property Manager
  2. Click the Travel icon (looks like an arrow on a door) next to the property you'd like to visit

From the Address Bar

If you know the VWW link for your property, you can enter it into the address bar and press Enter to go there.

Visit Someone Else's Property

You can only visit another member's property if it is unlocked and they owner has set entry permissions for that property to allow guests. If those conditions are met:

  • Enter the address for the property in the address bar and press Enter to be taken there.

It's a good idea to bookmark properties you'd like to visit again so you don't have to remember so many addresses!

If the owner has set strict entry permissions, you may have to be invited to their property in order to visit it.

View Properties Available for Rent

You can view available properties any time from the Property Catalog.

  1. Click the Property button (looks like a house)
  2. Click 'Open Store' to view available properties
  3. Look through the different categories to find the type of property you'd like
  4. Select the property you'd like to view, then click the 'Showroom' button in the bottom right of the Property Store menu