Slash commands are actions that can be performed by typing the command name after a '/' in the chat box then pressing Enter.

Full List of Slash Commands

We try to update this list as more commands are added, however the most current list can always be accessed by using the /help chat command in Oasis

Chat Commands

Private Messages - VIP ONLY!

You can use any of the following to send a private message to someone. This command will open a new private channel which only you and that member can use and see.

  • /pm [name] [message]
  • /tell [name] [message]
  • /w [name] [message]
  • /whisper [name] [message]


If you want to send a private message to MrUnicorn that says "I love unicorns!" you could type any one of the following then press Enter:

  • /pm MrUnicorn I love unicorns!
  • /tell MrUnicorn I love unicorns!
  • /w MrUnicorn I love unicorns!
  • /whisper MrUnicorn I love unicorns!

Group Chats

Group chats are similar to private chats except you can invite multiple people to join. Only members who have the chat name and password can use and see your group chat. 

  • /join name password Joins the named chat channel with an optional password
  • /leave Leaves the current channel


  • If I want to create a group chat called UnicornLand with the password b4n4n4S, I could type /join UnicornLand b4n4n4S 
  • If you want to join a group chat use the same command as creating one, but with an already existing name and password combo. So if your friend says "Hey, use password w1ngsrul3 to join ClubPegasus - it's waaaay better than UnicornLand" you could type /join ClubPegasus w1ngsrul3, to join their chat, too. Just because they have wings doesn't mean they're better though, okay?

Dance Moves

  • /armloop   Arm Loop
  • /digdeep  Dig Deep
  • /gatherpushout  Gather Push Out
  • /guitarjam  Guitar Jam
  • /hippysweat  Hippy Sweat
  • /jivesnaps  Jive Snaps
  • /justrelax  Just Relax
  • /ohnoshopfinger  Oh No Shop Finger
  • /pointvector  Point Vector
  • /pointyhearts  Pointy Hearts
  • /presents  Presents
  • /razzmatazz  RazzMaTazz
  • /snappyloop  Snappy Loop
  • /swayloop  Sway Loop
  • /swaying  Swaying
  • /titegroove Tite Groove
  • /uhhuhheadshake  Uh Huh Head Shake
  • /twerking  Twerking (coming soon)


Emotes are actions your persona can do that express a feeling or a mood. Try them out to see what they look like!

  • /attitude  Attitude
  • /blowkiss :Blow kiss
  • /finger  Finger
  • /frustrated  Frustrated
  • /hornssubtle  Horns Subtle
  • /laugh  Laugh
  • /rofl  Rofl
  • /thehorns  The Horns

*Note: Emotes will not work while you're on a dance floor


World Builder

World Builder commands allow you to manage permissions for your property. Please note you must choose one of the following values for the permission field:

  • /sec list : lists all permissions currently applied to this property, such as SceneEdit and Enter
  • /sec reset : removes all permissions applied to this property / resets to default permissions
  • /sec allow name permission : allows the named persona to use the permission
  • /sec deny name permission : denies the named persona the ability to use the named permission
  • /sec revoke name permission : removes permission set for the named persona


If you want to let MrUnicorn edit your property, you could type the following then press Enter:

/sec allow MrUnicorn SceneEdit



You can make announcements within your own properties and world. 

  • /bcs [message] Broadcasts an announcement to all instances of the scene/room you're in
  • /bci [message] Broadcasts an announcement to the instance you're in, but not to other instances of the same scene
  • /bcw [message] Broadcasts an announcement to your entire world (all owned scenes and instances)

For example: You're having a party at Club Unicorn and it's SO popular that a second instance of Club Unicorn opens to hold all the extra people coming in.

  • If you want tell everyone in Club Unicorn a really bad joke, you could type /bcs What's the difference between a unicorn and a carrot? One's a funny beast and the other's a bunny feast!
  • If you only want to talk to your closest pals in the original Club Unicorn instance, you could type /bci Free drinks for all my besties in the OG unicorn realm!
  • If you're just so thankful for everyone who visits your Unicorn world and maaaaaaybe have been dipping into the "special candy" a bit, you could type /bcw I just want everyone to know I love you all so much and you're my sweetest kawaii unicorn babes <3