You can switch between local, world and private chat channels by clicking the menu button to the left of your chat box. The channels list can be pinned open by clicking the pin icon once you're in the menu. To start typing in the chat box you can either click the input field with your mouse, or press the Enter key.

Local Chat

Local chat is the default chat shown in your chat window when you log in to Oasis. Local chat is accessible by anybody in the same region as you.

To chat, simply click into the chat box, type your message and press the 'Enter' key (or click SEND)

Coming Soon...

World Chat

World chat is accessible to anybody logged into Oasis, from anywhere in Oasis. 

To access World Chat: 

  1. Click the arrow to the right of your chat window to expand the chat menu
  2. Click 'World' to switch to the World chat channel

You can switch back any time using the same method to select 'Local'

Private Chat - VIP ONLY!

Private chat sessions can only be seen by the people in the session. There are two ways to start a private chat with someone

In Person: Right-click the persona you'd like to start a private chat with and select 'Private Message' from the drop-down

Slash Command: You can type "/pm [PersonaName] [message]" to start a private chat with someone from anywhere in Oasis. for example /pm MrUnicorn Hellooooo nurse! will send a private message to MrUnicorn that says "Hellooooo nurse!". Other slash commands that work the same way are /w/tell and /whisper

To leave a private chat type /leave or expand the chat menu and press the 'X' button next to the chat name

Group Chat

Group chat is like private chat for multiple people. Only people with the group name and password can join your group chat.

To create a group chat type /join [name] [password] where 'name' is what you'd like to call your chat and 'password' is the password people will need to join your chat. For example, /join UnicornLand b4n4n4S will create a group chat called UnicornLand with the password b4n4n4S

To join a group chat use the same command as creating one, but with an already existing name and password combo. So if your friend says "Hey, use password w1ngsrUl3 to ditch UnicornLand for ClubPegasus" you could type /join ClubPegasus w1ngsrUl3, you traitor.

To leave a group chat type /leave or expand the chat menu and press the 'X' button next to the chat name