A persona is the 'character' you play in Oasis. The terms persona and character are interchangeable. Your 'avatar' is the persona's body/model/shape. You may also see personas sometimes referred to as avatars.

Different membership levels are allowed a different number of personas:

  • All basic accounts can have one persona
  • VIP members can create up to four personas

For accounts with multiple personas, the oldest persona is always the 'default' persona. If you downgrade your membership or it expires, only the default persona will be available to use until you upgrade again.

Creating a Persona:

1. Log in with your Oasis account (if you don't have one, start here)

2. Click the + button at the bottom of the screen

3. Select a gender

4. Customize your avatar. Once you save your avatar you can't change its body shape or facial features again unless you upgrade to VIP, so make sure you get it just the way you want before saving!

5. Type in a name for your persona

6. Click ‘Enter World’

Deleting a Persona:

Once a persona is deleted it cannot be recovered. All virtual goods owned by that persona will be deleted permanently and cannot be recovered. This includes: 

  • Booty
  • Inventory items, such as objects, clothing and outfits
  • Worlds, properties, and layouts
  • Social settings such as friends and ignores
  • Store listings, created objects and clothing, custom textures

To delete a persona:

  1. Log in to Oasis
  2. Select the persona you want to delete
  3. Click Delete

Once you click Delete you will see a countdown timer. You can restore your persona at any time before the timer hits zero. After that, your persona will be deleted PERMANENTLY along with all belongings and connections associated with that persona.